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TFat Enterprise

          TFat is indeed a pointer of Suchan’s prowess in software industry. TFat has been designed to be future proof, packed with a variety of unique features, which have no comparison in conventional software environment. Considering the demand of companies with complexity of product categorisation, multi level / stage of manufacturing process and multiple taxation formalities, all these features have been systematically incorporated within our standard package without compromising with our users’ whim of designer reports, registers & statements.
          The TFat is a true 32-bit application for Windows 95/98/NT/XP platforms. It provides better keyboard and friendly mouse operations, which in turn improves data entry speed and the operator’s efficiency. It is the most user-friendly, faster and advanced software. It will be boon for the users, like it has been for many businessmen, accountants and professionals, who always wanted, a fast and effective way to maintain their business activity records.

Key Module

1 Purchase Management

2 Sales Management

3 Financial Management

4 Manufacturing/Products

5 Sub-Contractor Accounting